Loom(tm) Mock-up for Famicom

I was inspired by a recent competition in the AGS Forums to make some mock-up sprites originated from a classical adventure game, as if the game was made by another developer and on another platform. I have chosen the game Loom and pretended that the game was made by Square on the Nintendo Family Computer. However, instead of just making the mock-ups with a paint programme, I decided to make it into a real demo ROM that could be run in an emulator or even on the real thing. Turned out this was easier than I thought and after 2 days of trial and error, using my spare time, I was able to assemble a simple fake in-game screenshot together with some simple reaction and animation. Later, I also added a title screen, which was animated like the original game.
The demo ROM is attached at the end of this message, source included. You may read the text file in it to learn more about it.
Updated 13-2-2014:
Actually there was a missing # character in the source code, causing garbaged animation in some cases. It was fixed shortly afterwards, but I was just too lazy to update the linked file. It is finally updated now.

近日,在 AGS 論壇中有一項比賽,其內容是選出一款經典的冒險遊戲,然後以另一風格畫出其中的圖像,就如這遊戲是由另一間公司開發到另一個平台上般。我選擇了紗之器這個遊戲作為對像,並假定它是由史克威爾製作給任天堂紅白機使用的,但我決定不只是用繪圖軟件畫出模仿的對像,而是真真正正地製作一個可以在模擬器甚或實機上運行的示範 ROM。這比我預期的順利,只需用兩天的空閒時間作嘗試,便砌出一個簡單的模擬遊戲進行中的畫面,還附以一些簡單反應和動畫。過後,我還加入了一個標題畫面,亦是如原來的遊戲般以動畫展示的。
這個示範 ROM 現附於此帖後,包括源代碼。你可閱讀內附的文字檔作更深入的了解。
於 13-2-2014 更新:
其實在前次的源代碼中欠了一個 # 字元,令動畫有時會出現爛圖。本來在不久後已修正,但我沒有動力去更新網上的檔案。現終於把它更新了。

Version 18-12-2010:

Version 22-12-2010:

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